Mobility Games

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The goal of the Mobility Games project is to create and evaluate one multi-player, mixed-reality interactive game for people driving mobility systems such as mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. The game will combines non-screen based new media interactive elements such as audio and tactile displays with innovative game play that can be accomplished safely and effectively by the target users. The game will take advantage of the fact that players can physically move throughout the game play space and that there are ambient digital components (such as outside screens) that can be incorporated into the game play. Centennial College, Ryerson University’s Inclusive Media Design Centre (IMDC), and Industry partner, Komodo, will collaborate on this project.

Specifically, the game will be designed in collaboration with people using mobility aids. Participation in the games’ development process and game produced will contribute to a better understanding of mobility user’s entertainment needs and motives; an area that has received little attention from either gaming industry pundits or service providers for older people. Framed by universal design and entertainment theories this research will address mixed-reality gaming for a diversity of user’s needs, including alternative input and output devices. Forms of geo-location, mountable sensors, gaming elements embedded in physical environments (such as large scale displays) and publicly available digital services will be used. Considering the largest diversity of users from the onset of development will help to include audiences who have been excluded from mainstream game play experiences due to age and differentiated age related needs, while still focusing on the central component of gaming—fun.

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