Feasibility of mixed reality technologies for people with dementia


This project studies interactions of people with dementia with Mixed Reality technologies. This is an ongoing study where people in early stages of dementia are observed interacting with overlapped and distinct physical/virtual couplings, to determine barriers faced by people with dementia with these technologies and to study presence and immersion experienced by people with dementia with these technologies.

How it works?

Mixed reality technologies involve interactions with physical and virtual worlds using various interaction modalities. However, interactions with these systems vary depending on how physical and virtual worlds are coupled – separate or overlapped, one inside another. This study involves people with dementia playing games on Hololens, XBOX Kinect, Iphone X Arkit and Osmo.

Impact of the project:

Mixed reality technologies present opportunities to support people with dementia to carry out everyday activities such as cooking and laundry independently. People with dementia tend to forget the next step in a sequence of tasks involved in completion of an activity. Mixed reality technologies could help people to stay on track with the sequence of tasks by providing prompts to the users on the next step in the activity. This would ensure that people with dementia are able to complete the activity, and in doing so live independently with minimal intervention from a carer. This in turn could help delay the neurological degeneration  involved with dementia.

We are currently looking for participants who are in the early stages of dementia who would be willing to participate in a study to understand how Assisitve Mixed Reality Technologies can support people with dementia. To learn more about the study and how to participate please click here.

Poster presentation at Age-Well conference 2018

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