Television, film and live theatre are important means through which cultural values are imparted, information disseminated, and viewpoints formed. Participation in cultural discourse is facilitated by access to these mechanisms. However, a second and equally noteworthy purpose to television, film and theatre is the pure fun and entertainment value they provide.

Access to television, film and theatre become more than access to the information, it also entails consumption of the entertainment.

Working with creators of media and live events, the CLIME Project seeks to privilege the entertainment experience itself.

This gives content creators the opportunity to develop their own closed captioning and audio description styles and strategies that more reflect their creative vision, the CLIME project seeks to advance the media industry in Canada and abroad. The CLIME project will give researchers the opportunity to work with media broadcasters and producers, in learning how they can use technology combined with the existing research and expertise generated by members of CLIME to give an often ignored and disenfranchised viewership a means through which to view and participate in dialogues that occur on or because of content programming.

Incredibly prevalent, entertainment media need to be reworked to empower those with disabilities so that they can enjoy equal participation within the broad social discourses that are raised through the sights and sounds media presents to us.

Sample Projects

The Odd Job Jack: (produced by Smiley Guy Studios, aired on The Comedy Network)

Those two samples of The Odd Job Jack provide and opportunity to explore the different types of AD. The first sample was created with the participation from creative team who considered a first person narration and a characters own perspective and subjective bias. The second AD was developed by a third party provider, Audio-Vision Canada, after the production was completed with no input from the creative team. the AD delivered by a third person DVI narrator offers a single interpretation.

Difference between conventional audio description and audio description with CLIME project

Mass Exodus Fashion Show:

Each year, Ryerson University’s School of Fashion hosts a premiere fashion show, with a three day run. This show is a venue for graduating students to display their collections for the public as well as members of the industry.  Throughout the production of the 2006 fashion show, concerns regarding the accessibility of the event began to surface, leading to the development and incorporation of devices and services that would enable blind/low-vision to more fully experience the fashion show through the use of assistive technology.The show’s extremely limited engagement required that any audio description had to be provided live.

Magical Coincidence, produced by Keith Lock, 2012

The director, Keith Lock integrated the AD in his film during the scriptwriting phase. He was provided guidance and suggestions from the IMDC. Keith Lock also delivered the AD himself. Only this version was released to public.

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